Given that, for most people, the value of their home represents their primary financial asset, wouldn’t it make sense for a qualified potential buyer to hire the right real estate agent to represent them in this process, to ensure the best possible results? desirable etc? To get the best results, it’s important to emphasize true teamwork, between the agent, the hirer, and your buyer – client! Therefore, it is important/essential to consider, develop and implement excellent real estate agent-buyer relationships. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review and discuss the top 6 keys to approaching this process and why it is important.

one. Prequalify the buyer: Before an agent, in case of representing a buyer, must strongly recommend, the interested party must be pre-qualified / pre-approved, for a specific amount! So, this should indicate, and direct, the price range, of the properties, one seeks, during his, Search for house! It also ensures a much less stressful process because it reduces wasted time, energy and possible disappointment during this period!

2. Discussion objectives/goals: Before you hire an agent to represent you, it makes sense to clearly discuss the buyer’s objectives, goals, and priorities so that quality teamwork can be utilized throughout. How can you proceed, on the same page, unless you have this discussion and a clear understanding? What does a buyer want, need, and expect from their agent, and how can the individual benefit from working together as a true team?

3. Examine the comfort zone: We each have certain strengths as well as weaknesses, so wouldn’t it be beneficial to effectively use all strengths and address any areas of weakness? Will you, as a buyer, be ready, willing and able to expand the restrictions of your personally imposed comfort zone, or will you let it restrict and diminish your possibilities? Will you have the courage and ability to make a well considered offer when you find the property you are looking for and want?

Four. Difference between needs and a wish list: From the beginning, clearly identify between what you need (critical items) and your wish list, and why! Your agent should be able to help you see the true bones of a house, instead of being restricted by easily addressed cosmetic differences! Know what features you want and expect, and what they add to the enjoyment of a property, and rate them, based on priorities!

5. Open and honest: The agent/buyer relationship must be open and honest from the beginning and throughout the process. Each party must trust and be willing to listen to the other, in order to proceed, with meaningful teamwork!

6. Buyer commitment, offer, negotiations, etc: Buyers should hire an agent to help them commit, present an effective and firm offer, negotiate on their behalf, and close the deal.

When the agent and the buyer are on the same page, at all times, the process is easier and the results are usually more beneficial and satisfying. Hire the right person, be part of the team, and enjoy the process!


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