Bulk Delta 8 Carts

The most sought after cart among those who love discount fishing tackle is the Delta Cart, also known as the Big Delta. Some call it the Charadventure and although it is not actually a ‘charadventure’ it is called such because of the way it has been crafted. It has an aluminum and fiberglass body, a front and rear stabilizer and a patented casting angle. For those that like to fish for large mouth bass, this is one of the best available cast-ability carts on the market.

delta 8 carts

There are other varieties of Carts from Big Delta but they do not have the durability of the Delta. One of these is the Delta Mega Melon which is almost the same as the old style delta. The Mega Melon weighs about five pounds. However, it sports a big wheel that is much larger than the old style casters. The new style Dalta eight inch cast aluminum wheels are very nice and add a little more weight but still easy to turn.

This Carts has the durability you expect from a Big Agnes product. The cast aluminum frame offers many years of solid use and great looks. Many anglers swear by them, both for their strength and durability. One drawback is the length, it is just over three feet long, but many can fit comfortably in it.

Bass Carts – Bulk Delta 8 Carts That Will Give You The Comfort You Want In The Backyard

The cast aluminum frame is just one reason this product is so popular with anglers. The other reason is the front stabilizer, it is made from fiberglass and is lightweight. It will change the way you look at fishing. The heavier the load you want to pull from it the more this stabilizer will come in handy.

If you are looking for heavy duty fishing carts then you will want to consider these two carts. They are both rugged and durable enough to pull huge amounts of weight. One of these will easily surpass the Mega Melon in both versatility and weight. The Delta Cart has a very modern look with a polished aluminum frame and easy to use controls. This will give you all the features you need to keep you and your fish comfortable.

The Mega Melon on the other hand, will offer anglers the comfort they have come to love from the Big Agnes line. The reel seat has been completely re-designed to make feeding easy, and this great looking seat will help you feel like you are fishing in a cabin in the woods. The big cast reel is made of heavy duty materials, it is strong and is sure to be a good strong investment. One of the best things is the compact size, this will allow you to take it anywhere. Whether you are out on the water or at home, you will be able to take this cart with you.


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