Patentability is a study to find out if the invention is eligible to be patented. Provides detailed information on patented inventions in the field of technology of interest to you.

For an invention to become a patent, it must be unique and novel. If your technologies match any of the patented technologies, the IP office will reject the IP application. Therefore, before filing, always make sure that your invention is new and that the patentability study helps you prove the standards of intellectual property exclusivity. It also provides a list of proprietary technologies that partially or fully match your technology. The sources used for patentability analysis can be published patent applications, research papers, online magazines, patent literature, documents, blogs, books, IP news, etc.

Patentability search with market analysis

If you do a market analysis with patentability search, you can have a better understanding of existing products running using technologies identical to your technology, their performance in the market, active players, market requirements, etc. With this information, you can strategize your R&D operations, invent new and useful technologies, obtain valuable patents, and earn lots of money.

There are many benefits of doing market analysis with patentability, some of the main ones are listed below:

Detailed information on novelty of the invention and patented technologies:

You’re not the only one who thinks of that idea. There may be several people who have pending or published patent applications for that. Detailed reports will help you to know the degree of uniqueness of your invention. In addition, you can also obtain information about patented technologies and related products in the field of interest of your business.

Make informed business decisions:

It helps to know the scope of your inventions and potential barriers to commercializing them before filing IP applications. If you request a post-filing patentability analysis, you can determine whether you should continue with your pending application or conduct R&D to make certain modifications.

Saving time and prosecution costs:

Search reports provide detailed information about the research and development carried out by inventors in the field to which their technology belongs. Therefore, you can choose claims that are easily approved by the examiner and accepted by the target markets as well. reduce costs and processing time.

Help in drafting patents:

Patent and market reports are useful for patent writers in preparing IP applications and choosing claims that match future trends and can be easily approved by the IP office. In this way, both office actions and the time of the application process are reduced.


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