birthday invitation ideas

There are plenty of opportunities to have a little fun at the birthday honoree’s expense when sending out birthday invitations. First you have to offer to do the invitations on behalf of the honoree. Then the fun can begin. A photo of the honoree at school, or dressed suspiciously for a night out, or posing on the beach. They can all form the basis of great birthday invitations. And of course, if you have computer skills, photos can be retouched and modified with programs like Photoshop. Ask around to see if they know someone who can help with the high-tech stuff. Otherwise, there is always the teacher’s favorite, cut and paste!


A good idea for surprise parties is to collect an album of old photos that can be presented as a special birthday present at the party. This will require a bit of organization up front. A good idea is for the guests to write some comments under the photos, the funnier the better. Or you can go further and have each guest design a page of the book. This way each page will be different, making for a vibrant and fun gift. Some people post photos, others write poems, others songs, and some attach snippets of memories. These are just a few ideas you can give guests ahead of time if they’re not sure what to do with your page.

Milestone years: 40, 50, 60, 70, etc.

Milestone birthdays can be so much fun. An idea that works well semi-surprise party is to offer to prepare the birthday invitation on behalf of the honoree and then send out invitations made as an obituary. Use a black and white photo of the birthday boy or girl when they were younger. Make the obituary as fun and warm as you can, but take great liberties with the factual information and have the deceased to die in the most ridiculous way possible, but to make the death somehow fit with the interests of the person. A golfer dies on the golf course, attacked by squirrels on the 18th green. You get the idea. You can then have each guest write their own obituary for the deceased, which can be read at dinner. You can have pallbearers for the cake, a 21-cap pistol salute, guests can be prepared to wear black armbands or black party hats, and any other fun ideas you can think of. The key is that the surprises keep coming throughout the party.

a themed party

Theme parties are not just for kids. Adults love them too, so you can organize one based on a special interest. As with all theme parties, every aspect of the party, from the birthday invitations, to the d├ęcor, to how guests are dressed, should reflect the theme. You can give prizes for costumes, and have all kinds of associated games. Old favorites like musical chairs can work for both adults and children.

So get in touch with the big kid in you and throw a big birthday party!


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