For the many who don’t know what a domain name is, it is the online address or URL of a website. It is the string of characters that a web user types into the browser’s search bar to reach your site. It acts as the identity of your website and therefore choosing the right one is of great importance, whether you are setting up an online business website or a personal one.

If you’ve spent the last few days struggling to find the right domain name, don’t do it anymore. We will help you in your search for the most appropriate and practical with the following tips.

1. Include keywords:

Keywords are the secret ingredient in the world of the Internet. Therefore, it is difficult to do without them, be it the content of the website or your domain name. You must incorporate keywords that are relevant to your business niche. Create interesting combinations using the right keywords.

two. Stay away from alternate spellings:

There are many words that have alternate spellings (they are spelled differently in different varieties of languages). This includes words like Color (Color), Disco (Disc), Analog (Analog) and Collectible (Collectible) and many more. Words like these used in your website URL could create confusion and could cause many of your visitors to land on a competitor’s page just because of a small difference in spelling.

3. What follows the point:

Many of us take it for granted that all domain names will end with “dot com.” This is not true. Organizations prefer to use “.org” while websites serving particular geographic locations use “co.UK”, “.in” or “.us”. There are more variations such as “.net” and “.edu”. Most web hosting experts suggest using “.com” as it is the most common and also easy to remember.

Four. Simple but different:

Short and simple domain names are easy to remember and type and are therefore your best option. However, at the same time, avoid going for something too commonplace. Choose a domain name that is slightly unique.

5. Avoid unnecessary characters:

Hyphens are the most commonly used characters in a domain name, especially when the name you’re looking for is already taken. In many cases, a website visitor remembers your URL but forgets to insert the hyphens (or other characters, if any) or inserts them in the wrong position. The result is that they land on another website with a similar name, probably a competitor. You should also avoid numbers in your URL.

6. Same as your company name:

You can keep the domain name the same as your company name. This helps a lot with the brand. Another added benefit is that company names tend to be more meaningful and self-explanatory in relation to your business.

7. Look what is taken:

Make a list of at least 5-10 domain names that you have in mind. There are many web hosting companies online where you can check the names that are already taken and those that are still available. If something is already taken, you can try variations on the suffix like “.com or .org or .net”.

8. Do not choose copyright names:

Using copyrighted names and terms, even by mistake, can land you in the most difficult legal battles. Avoid using copyrighted or copyrighted words.


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