Miami is known primarily for its sun-drenched sands, tropical climate, and beautiful people, but that’s not all there is to this laid-back city. Miami is an area steeped in culture and has a thriving music scene with enough diversity to keep everyone’s ears happy.

Local artists and international superstars perform regularly in the Miami area, and with a legacy comprising world-famous artists such as 2 members of the live crew, Marilyn Manson and Flo Rida, to name just a few, it’s no surprise that Miami draws some of the artists. top musical names from around the world.

From intimate clubs to large stadiums, the variety of venues in Miami is staggering. Some of the best spots in the area include The Electric Pickle, The Stage, The Fillmore, and The Culture Room. Many of the area’s nightclubs regularly host some of the biggest names in electronic music, but the scene is so diverse that there is no specific genre that draws a crowd.

Fat Boy Slim, Janet Jackson, Moby and The Cure are just a few of the big names performing in the Miami area in 2012. Arguably Miami’s biggest export is Latin pop sensation Enrique Iglesias, who often returns. to the city where he was raised. in performing for his legions of fans in the city. It is usually located at the largest and arguably best music venue in Miami, the American Airlines Arena.

Locally known as ‘The Triple A’, the American Airlines Arena is the place to be for the biggest names in modern music. At the time of writing, the last three shows to hit town were Kanye West & Jay-Z, Guns and Roses, and Radiohead, who chose to launch their US tour in the arena of epic proportions. The electric atmosphere and exquisite sound quality make this one of the best music venues in America.

Due to the huge Hispanic population, Miami has a thriving Latino music scene. The Latin version of MTV is stationed in the area, and there are numerous radio stations dedicated to playing both classical and modern Latin music. Da Vittorio, La Covacha and Jazid are probably the biggest and best known Miami venues for this genre of music in the city.

Whatever your taste in music, there is something for every music fan in Miami. And from epic concerts in large stadiums to string quartets played in Miami hotel lobbies, you’ll never be far from music in the Magic City.


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