James Bond is machismo personified. After decades of espionage, it still has not left the main fictional characters that made it to the big screen. This phenomenon can be attributed to the plot of the film that sends us to the edge of our seats. But then again, we can’t deny that we love the franchise so much because of the representation of the chosen ones: the James Bond actors.

To date, 6 actors have already set the 007 cap and formed a BONDage culture in the process. Read this roundup of James Bond actors and choose as the perfect James Bond.

1. Sean Connery

Almost everyone never thought that Connery could succeed as James Bond, but under Terence Young’s tutelage, the British actor not only landed the role of a gentleman spy, but is considered the best James Bond actor to date. His performance definitely set the bar for future actors to wear the suit. He starred in the first 7 James Bond films and most of which are considered representative installments of the franchise.

2. George Lazenby

Coming to the iconic portrayal of Connery turned out to be a difficult task for George Lazenby. Without much acting experience and without the maturity to take on the studio stage, the former model was plagued with intrigue over her portrayal of Bond. Fans have already raved about Connery’s portrayal of Bond, and this came across as another handicap for Lazenby. His awkward performance on On Her Majesty’s Secret Service had his James Bond acting career ruined in a single movie.

3. Roger Moore

The 70s mark has changed in Bond’s personality. This time around, the James Bond acting job was taken over by Roger Moore, who apparently went through a complete physical transformation to suit the role. The producers of the franchise only agreed to hire him if he lost a few pounds and cut his hair. The director’s constant reminder to lose more weight made the actor ponder, “Why didn’t they find a thin, bald actor to play the part?”

Roger Moore made a valiant attempt to separate himself from the shadows of the iconic first James Bond actor, Sean Connery, by taking a more lighthearted approach to his character. In his tenure as Bond, we saw a more playful and womanizing Bond in movies like Live and Let Die, The Spy Who Loved Me, and For Your Eyes Only, among others. Unlike his predecessor, Lazenby, Moore starred in 7 James Bond films.

4. Timothy Dalton

Dalton’s approach to James Bond is very different from Roger Moore’s. In two James Bond films in which he starred, he described Bond as a more serious, dark and reserved secret agent, a far cry from the flamboyant personality that Roger Moore created. His extreme masculine appeal had fans supporting his version of Bond.

5. Pierce Brosnan

Another Englishman took over and this time, we’ve seen an actor who was never stereotyped as Bond for his acting flexibility. He was able to strike a balance between a tough and flamboyant portrayal of Bond and proved to be a legitimate James Bond actor in 4 films.

6. Daniel Craig

James Bond’s newest actor has come under fire for being the first blond, blue-eyed Bond. As is evident from his performance in Casino Royale, Craig plans to take a different take on our favorite secret agent. With a stronger depiction of Bond and a real tough guy, he finally managed to earn the respect of his detractors. Sean Connery even agreed that Craig did a good job on his first James Bond movie. Fans around the world are already anticipating his return as James Bond in Quantum of Solace.


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