Ozone or trioxygen is found in the Earth’s stratosphere in very low concentrations. It has a pungent odor that resembles that of chlorine and we can literally smell them even when they are in lower concentrations.

So what does ozone basically do?

SO BASICALLY SHIELDS FROM HARMFUL RAYS!! So why the heck are some companies using it in air purifiers? Well, are these companies fooling you or is there some tone in their deals when they talk big about ozone air purifiers?

Marketing is actually a skill; and when a customer goes to buy something he should be treated like a king and that’s how it works. But right now, these salespeople are a bunch of very talented thugs who can really make a fool of you without even letting you know. oops!! I guess that was a bit harsh, but still that’s the fact.

We’ve been hearing all the hype about ozone air filters and purifiers and we’re wondering what this product is all about. I mean, why are we acting like gods and why don’t we just let the ozone stay in its place? It only serves to filter ultraviolet radiation and not to purify the air. Ozone air purifier manufacturers claim that ozone gas actually helps filter contaminants like harmful gases, toxins, and other irritants, as well as smell fresh.

What don’t they tell you about ozone air purifiers?

Ask the ladies in your house about the whitening face creams they use. It is a common instruction found in those bleaches not to use around the eyes and it is due to the presence of ozone in it as it is considered an irritating gas. It can cause coughing, lung problems such as asthma, chest pain, and shortness of breath. So why would one want to install something like this to purify the air in the first place?

Please don’t take ozone on your door steps as it is really harmful to your health and reacts with many other substances like polymers, and even easily reacts with water to form complicated things. Imagine when the ozone gas reacts with water in your eyes, it will easily fatigue your eyes, so please avoid these fake products and don’t spend money on them.

Bottom Line: If you own an ozone air purifier, purify it first by replacing it with a regular one that doesn’t contribute to ongoing indoor pollution. It is better not to have an air purifier than to have an ozone purifier; at least you can keep yourself safe from an additional irritant.


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