When joining an MLM network marketing multi level business, you need to really think about how you are going to market your product or service and how you are going to patronize people. There are many ways to do this successfully, but you need to plan strategically so that you get the best results.

Here are 5 simple and duplicable ways to build a successful business:

1) Craigslist Marketing: Placing ads on Craigslist.com is a great way to sponsor people in your local area. It is very important to grow a team in your backyard and help your new business builders make money in the first 30 days. Doing so will ensure that you will have a growing and prosperous business. The way to do this successfully is to create an ad image that contains the qualities you are looking for in a person to join your MLM network marketing multi level business. It stands out better and converts better. Craigslist is very HTML friendly, so posting ads with images of clicks is really simple to do. Your ad should also include a strong call to action and tell them to call a number. This number should always be a voice mail and not your home or cell number, as your phone will ring non-stop. You can also choose to do a more advanced strategy and that is to guide them through an online marketing funnel that will do the pre-qualification for you.

2) Post it, not marketing: This strategy is very simple to do and very affordable, but very effective. It requires just one hour a day and anyone can do this strategy effectively and get amazing results. All you need are post-it notes and a stamp with your message. With this strategy, you’ll also need to direct them to a toll-free number and, if desired, direct them to leave a message or visit a website for more information. I highly recommend directing them into a marketing funnel to capture the lead. Lead generation is a very important aspect of this marketing strategy.

3) House parties: This ‘old school’ method still works as long as you know how to throw a successful party. The key here is about inviting. Make your house parties fun. Try to decorate your house party according to the theme of your business that you are exhibiting. You can even have a virtual house party that is a bit more advanced. But, at the end of the day, there’s nothing like interacting face-to-face with people and having them book house parties too.

Doing these 3 simple, duplicable strategies will pay off for you and your team leaders.


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