Potty training is an integral part of a child’s growth and must be introduced early to ensure that everything is in place with the child’s development. While many parents end up frustrated by their child’s lack of receptiveness to the potty despite appropriating almost every available method and means for them to understand and train themselves, taking the help of books could be a great way. to achieve the mission.

Depending on the child’s disposition and attitude, potty training can begin between 18 months and 3 years. And consequently, you can choose from a large variety of potty training books available, you can choose the ones that are most useful for your situation. Here are the 3 all-time favorites listed for you:

1. I want my Tony Ross potty

This is a book to read to your child, especially a girl, to encourage them to use the potty. The board book has a princess urging little kids to use the bathroom because she’s really tired of wearing diapers. The kids love it and her little one would also have a lot of fun with this book and get motivated to use the potty at the same time.

2. Mylo Freeman’s Potty

This is another classic book for young children. The whimsical touch adds to the book’s appeal to children. The book has animals in the jungle teaching an African boy how to use the potty and the book immediately strikes a chord with most children.

3. Potty Boot Camp by Dr. Suzanne Riffel

This guide basically provides tips for parents to get their little ones to use the potty. It’s a comprehensive book and could be some really helpful advice for parents who are stuck with homework.

Potty training books could really make the task of potty training children quite simple. Call on his help then and breathe easy.


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