Food: Today there are several brands of rabbit food available in the market; you should choose one that has few synthetic flavors and colors. The feed should be offered daily (puppies should consume 80 grams per day and adults 100-120 grams).

Hay should be offered to rabbits because it benefits the digestive system, prevents diseases such as hairballs in the stomach, diarrhea and obesity, and also helps the proper growth and maintenance of their teeth. Rabbits should not eat meat, milk, candy, cookies, potatoes, tomatoes, or lettuce. NEVER give them to your rabbit because they cause diarrhea. Offer greens with dark foliage (wash thoroughly before offering). It is also important to go slowly when introducing each new food. Here are some foods that you can feed your bunny.



Flowers and leaves.


Broccoli and its leaves.

· Brussels sprouts, leaves and buds.

Celery and its leaves.

Chicory / endive and Catalonia

Banana leaf


Pea and leaves

Peppers: red, green and yellow







· Peach





Peeled orange

Strawberry and its leaves




Blueberry and its leaves


Integral rice

Garbanzo beans

Dried pea

Soy toast



White beans


Wheat grain



Big wave


Guava leaves

Tips for caring for nails and tooth coat

Teeth: Rabbit teeth are constantly growing; eliminate them by offering foods such as carrots, hay, toast, and wooden toys (no chemical treatment).

Nails: You can take it to a pet store or if you prefer you can even cut your bunny’s nail at home, using the appropriate tweezers. The only precaution you need to take is to be careful with the parts of your nails that have pink veins. Always cut the part that extends beyond the fingers so as not to cause bleeding, as is done with cats and dogs.

Coat: It is not necessary to bathe your rabbit, but if it is necessary, never leave it wet! Tumble dry it well and use lukewarm water to bathe it. Use a mild soap or shampoo. Do not use dog products such as flea shampoo, etc. These can be toxic and even cause death.

Always remember that rabbits are very curious by nature and can injure themselves if you don’t take care of them during the day. Don’t let your bunny get loose when no one is around to keep an eye on him. You could also damage furniture and other household items by chewing on them.


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