We form ideas in our heads to affect our behavior either

from friends, family or school.

1. The negative ground of “W”

– wishing you were there

– wishing I was somewhere else

– wasting time

All of these are disappointment, wallow and wish

The positive ground of “W”

– feel charged

– feeling full of energy

– things feel good

– working hard

– willing to listen

This is where you want to achieve.

2. Discover your blocks

– watch when you are not doing things

– doing something else

– blocking

– know what your weaknesses are

3. Identify your scripts

– I can do this

– I’m going to have fun

– I’m going to feel great

These are positive scripts

– I can not do this

– I can’t do math

– this is a nightmare

These are negative scripts

However, if you start with a negative dash and realize it,

You can turn it around and have positive thoughts instead.

Change scripts * think positive =)

4. Express the objectives

– say load what you want

– make commitments

5. Efficient use of time

6. Trust and chutzpha

– chatzpha means to be brave

– believe in yourself

7. Resistance and persistence

– understanding

– know that people with resistance are successful

8. Do it now

– you will not have so much to do if you do it when you receive it

So what do you think positive and remember about the land of “W”?


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