The following are some of the methods used by Josh Schermer at Downtown Pets, a resource for dog walking, dog training, and animal welfare in New York City in Lower Manhattan.

1. When putting your dog in the crate, do not force it into it.

The first day you use the crate, tie the door open and let your dog investigate it. Feed your dog and finally at some point close the door and leave it there for a short period of time. Increase that time during the day until you finally leave them for a while.

2. Do not put any equipment on your dog when hugging him.

The dogs were trapped in cages and hanged. Please never carry any equipment with your dog in the crate.

3. Do not leave your dog in a crate when you are angry with him.

Dogs should see the crate as a happy and safe place and you can compromise this by using it to scold them.

4. Don’t put your dog in a crate when he has diarrhea.

If your dog cannot avoid going to the bathroom for a physical reason, you shouldn’t lock him in a crate at this time because it defeats the purpose.

5. Do not leave food or water unattended in the box.

It’s okay to crate feed your dog and give him some water too, but only when you’re there and for a short period of time as well.

6. The box cannot be too big.

If the crate is too big, your dog may make a crate mistake and still avoid it. Your dog shouldn’t be able to do more than stretch.


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