“As the upsurge of studying in the UK continues to heat up, many domestic students come here to study here. When they arrive in the local area, the first thing to solve is the accommodation problem. If children’s shoes need to rent a student accommodation in London in London, the first thing they need to know is the student accommodation. The whole process. The senior here will give you a detailed analysis.

For example, first study the zoning of London (that is, the first part of the postcode, there are about 100 districts in London), the location, transportation, humanities and safety conditions of each district, choose your ideal district, and search for housing information on the Internet in these districts , Find a few you like from the overwhelming house information (generally, you can see the basic introduction and photos of the house from the Internet).

Then contact the intermediary to arrange a house viewing. This step is very important. If you don’t go to the house to see the house, you don’t know what the house looks like. No matter how real the photos are, you can’t reflect the real feeling of the house. After seeing a few places in person, choose yourself The most favorite point is to make an offer to the landlord, that is, to express your intention to rent, write your occupation, current place of residence, the length of the contract and the price you want to offer.

A practical guide to renting in London, waiting for you to receive it!

The landlord will look at your personal information and offer status, arrange an order among a bunch of tenants who have offered him an offer, and talk one by one. Of course, if you talk about which one is negotiated, there will be no next share (London housing is tight). If the landlord thinks your bid is reasonable and you are satisfied with your personality, they will preliminarily select you as a tenant, and you will be required to provide three letters of recommendation from your mentor (or boss), your former landlord, and your account bank. If there is no problem with the recommendation letter, then the lease is basically confirmed.

Sign a formal student housing contract with the landlord. According to British law, such a contract is called Assured Shorthold Tenancy. This contract will clearly stipulate the rights and obligations of you and the landlord, as well as how to deal with the breach and termination of the agreement. As Party B of the contract, you need to read and understand every clause of the contract very carefully, and ask the landlord and intermediary to explain to you any unclear points, and make amendments where necessary. Finally, make sure you are satisfied with every clause before signing the contract. Because once signed, you are bound by the law, and any violation of the treaty may be sued by the other party (even if you are justified). Then, pay off the first payment of the agency fee + deposit (usually calculated as six weeks’ rent) + first month’s rent. At this point, all rights to the house other than ownership belong to the tenant, even if the lease term has not yet begun. On the first day of the rental period, get the keys, move, and move in.

Choose a safe area London area Sometimes a safe area and an unsafe area may be separated by a 5-10 minute walk, which is difficult for unfamiliar people to distinguish. The best way is to go to the street to see that places with more blacks or Indians and Pakistanis are mostly unsafe areas.

The best and best housing area central area SW5, SW7, SW3, N1, W1, WC1, WC2. Surrounding areas NW3 (Hampstead), NW11 (Golder’s Green), N2 (East Finchley), NW4 (Hendon).

The most insecure area, the central area, is not safe unless there is a security-entry flat Summer is usually the peak season and prices are more expensive, while winter is the off-season and relatively cheap. There is at least a 10%-20% difference in price. The central area is high and the surrounding area is low. It is high in the north and low in the south. High in the west and low in the east.

If you have any questions about London student accommodation, UK, please call Xiaoju, and we will arrange professional consultants to answer you in detail. “


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