Imagine something for a moment. The wife who lives next door, the housewives who live down the street, the wives you see at the mall on a Sunday morning, all the wives you know or might come across—imagine if you had the knowledge to seduce half of them. ; Heck, imagine if you could seduce just one percent.

This short article is my attempt to summarize everything you need to know about attracting a married woman.

Let me ask you this: why would a man want to seduce a wife?

Now let me give you something to think about.

Most men, and I assume this applies to you, who want to have sex with their wives do so for sexual encounters, or hookups as they are more commonly known. A wife, unlike a single woman, is the perfect woman for a man like you or any man. She has no real interest in your career; she doesn’t care if you drive a sports car; she has no interest in her bank balance or the size of her house. The married woman, in fact, is not interested in most of the things that a single woman would be interested in. She is, in fact, interested in the same thing that you are: a sexual encounter.

It is for these same reasons that smart men like you want to learn how to attract a married woman.

These ladies want what you want and are infinitely easier to seduce than women without husbands.

So now let me give you the information you came here to read: my condensed tips for seducing wives.

To make things more digestible, I will give you three tips. And this is really all you need to know.

First of all, married women are worried about cheating.

It is your job to get rid of these fears. She will worry about getting caught, how he will make her feel, whether another man might find her attractive, and whether or not she will regret it. You need to address each anxiety. Once he’s fearless, he’s much more likely to cheat on you.

Second, you need to make it very clear that you have no intention of wanting more than a fun fling.

Married women who are looking to cheat want men who are looking for casual relationships. If you give her the impression that you want to get married or that you are looking for love, you have very little chance of seducing her.

And third, my final advice on how you can attract a married woman. It is a sad fact of life that marriage relationships become stale.

What I mean is that the emotion disappears. And, to compound this, both parties stop making an effort. So what can and should you do? You must bring excitement and fun to his life. Take her on a surprise date to something totally unexpected. Look at her beauty and let her know. Make an effort to look your best (new clothes and men’s fragrances work wonders).

Wife seduction always comes down to these three principles. Remember them and you will instantly be ahead of the game!


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