hair dryer have a cool shot button

The cool shot button on a hair dryer is used to release a stream of cold air. This helps to set the style and reduce frizz. It also closes the hair cuticles which makes the hair appear smoother and shinier. The cool setting also helps to prevent heat damage as it lowers the temperature of the hair. Hair dryers with a cool shot button are ideal for use on curly hair as it helps to maintain the shape of the curls. The cooling function is also useful for those with sensitive scalps as it can help to soothe the skin after exposure to hot temperatures.

The best hair dryer with a cool shot button feature this innovative feature built into the power switch. It will look different on each hair dryer and may be labeled as a blue button or even a snowflake icon. The cool button can be activated at any point during the drying process and is often pressed right after the heat setting is engaged. It is important to remember that the cool button is not a substitute for the heat setting and should be used in conjunction with the warm settings.

Using the cool button is an essential part of any blow dry routine. Many people do not realize that scorching their hair with hot air will not actually set their style and can often lead to hair damage. Kate Middleton’s hairstylist Richard Ward explains that it is more beneficial to use the cool shot button in order to help set your style and ensure that it lasts.

Does this hair dryer have a cool shot button?

When you first hit the cool shot button on your hairdryer, it will instantly feel cold. This is because the cold air will immediately seal the hair cuticles shut and prevents further heat damage from occurring as your hair dries. The cool shot button is a great way to make sure your hair is looking polished and sleek for any occasion.

For those with colored hair, a cool shot can also be used to help extend the vibrancy of the color. By alternating between hot and cold air, the cool shot can prevent over-exposure to heat which could cause your hair color to fade.

The cool shot on a hairdryer can be used as a styling tool to encourage certain hair parting styles. Using the cool shot while styling your hair can encourage the individual strands of hair to stay in place, making it easier to achieve the desired parting style. Those with sensitive scalps can also benefit from the use of a cool shot as it can provide a soothing effect after exposing the skin to warm temperatures.

This travel-friendly hair dryer features a lightweight body, 2 heat and speed settings, and a cool shot button. Its foldable design and hanging loop make it easy to store in a hotel bathroom and the concentrator nozzle attachment and 1.8-meter cord provide versatile styling options.


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