Working out in the gym, that’s something that makes a man feel good! Sure, there’s sweat and effort, but it’s worth it when a man looks in the mirror and sees the results. (And it helps that a man’s partners like to see the results, too.) What is not so positive is when a man ends up with a small rash on his penis from his visits to the gym. Since penile health should never be sacrificed for buffing, it’s worth taking steps to prevent a penis rash from the gym (and treating it if it sneaks in anyway).

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It’s no surprise that a penis rash sometimes breaks out among gym rats (or even the guy who occasionally stops to work out). Physical exertion, whether it’s taking a yoga class, lifting weights, or spending time biking, creates sweat, and sweat breeds bacteria. Also, some men with very sensitive penile skin may develop a rash just from exposure to too much heat. And, of course, there’s the problem of germs, bacteria, and fungus being brought into the facility by other gym residents.


So, the conditions are ripe for the development of penile rash. What are some steps a man can take to help protect his penis?

– Use towels. These days, most gyms are generous in making plenty of fresh, clean towels available, and guys need to use them. (If the gym doesn’t provide towels, a man should be sure to bring his own.) Many men use these towels to clean the machines after they have used them, which is a good thing; but they should also be cleaned before use, just in case the old type wasn’t quite as considerate or you missed some sweaty residue.

But it’s not enough to just use those towels when you’re on the gym floor. Be sure to wear them in the locker room, too. Lie down on the bench before sitting down, especially after taking off your clothes. And men who like to relax naked in the sauna or steam room should definitely bring a towel and sit on it. With all the bare feet in the locker room, any man with athlete’s foot may be accidentally spreading the fungus from him around the area, and that’s the same fungus that causes jock itch.

– Be selfish. We’re taught as kids that sharing is important, but it’s okay to be a little selfish when it comes to the gym. If a guy lends a guy a towel, he might come back with a fungus. Let some guy borrow that razor and the owner may regret it, especially if he decides to do some hair styling with it later and end up with a rash. Even something as seemingly harmless as sharing soap can be problematic; Men with sensitive skin may develop an allergic reaction to the skin cells left in the cleanser. Never borrow another guy’s athletics or underwear; that’s just begging for a penis rash!

– Keep cool. A man shouldn’t start his workout in the same T-shirt and shorts he wears to mow the lawn or rake the leaves. Starting out in sweaty clothing, especially tight-fitting underwear and shorts, will increase the potential for a gym rash. Wear clean clothes for training and bring another set of clean clothes (including underwear) for after you shower, and be sure to dry your man parts thoroughly after you shower.

A man will also be less likely to get a penis rash at the gym if his manhood is kept in top shape. Regular use of a top-rated penis health cream (Healthcare professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven to be gentle and safe for skin.) to be able to help. Definitely select a cream that includes vitamin A. Also known as retinol, vitamin A has fierce antibacterial properties that attack bacteria that thrive in dark, warm, and humid places. The cream should also include a combination of moisturizers, such as natural shea butter and vitamin E, which can lock in healthy moisturizing oils that prevent skin from becoming chapped and rash-prone.


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