The reason I’ve written this article is to help people who are having overheating issues with their Xbox 360 consoles. If you’re a 360 owner, you’ve probably heard all the fuss about “Red Lights of Doom” and how all consoles will eventually die with you.

The truth is that even though there is a problem, because of all the news coverage and whatnot, when people actually have a problem with their Xbox 360, they assume the worst.

This article will give you some easy tips you can try today that could save your Xbox!

You will see that all the red lights are due to overheating and have nothing to do with where you put the console, unless you have it in a glass case or near a fire, but rather with the actual design of the machine.

Here are 3 things you can try today to fix your Xbox:

First of all, as mentioned above, if you keep it in a display case, make sure you take it out of the box! The Xbox gets hot enough already and it will get too hot in a standard TV and video cabinet. Even if you keep the doors open, it’s much better to give the console its own space and this could eliminate any overheating issues you may have.

Second, many people see the red lights on their Xbox and think the Xbox is dead, however, the power supply may be to blame. If you notice that the power pack has some fans on each side that are pumping air and if these are getting blocked with dust, then it could be that the power pack is overheating.

A good solution to this problem is to keep the power pack off the ground and put it in an open box or something, and that can really help as you’ll be able to pump air everywhere.

Lastly a good idea is to invest in a Nyko intercooler and these can be had quite cheaply and what they do is add extra cooling to the back of the 360. So instead of just one fan you will have 3 whizzing by and this definitely helps to stop the problems.

Here are 3 tips that can help you get rid of Xbox 360 overheating issues and get back to gaming today!


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