TECHART Carbon Fiber Body Kit

The TECHART Carbon Fiber Body Kit is the perfect styling upgrade for every Porsche 911 model. It combines elegant, sporty and individual design with impressively high quality components for a maximum of vehicle personality.

TECHART offers various carbon components for the front, rear and side areas of your car to perfectly complement the base design. They are manufactured at the in-house TECHART Carbon Fiber Shop and can be individually customized to your preferences. You can choose from several surface finishes: Silky smooth matte finish, shiny high-gloss, or even dyed in your favorite color. The TECHART Magnum Aerokit consists of a Carbon Front Apron, an Airblade Front Spoiler with integrated cooling air intakes for effective engine and radiator cooling as well as optimum heat dissipation, the TECHART Daytime Running Light System in Chrome or Black and a Rear Diffusor in Carbon.

Buy Porshe full carbon fiber body kits is a highly-flawless material that is ideally suited for high-quality car styling and interior applications. It is especially lightweight and dimensionally stable. It also has excellent resistance against scratches and sunlight exposure. In combination with the latest automotive paint technology, it ensures an outstanding durability of TECHART carbon parts.

TECHART Carbon Fiber Body Kit For Porsche 911

All TECHART Carbon Fiber Body Parts and Trims are made of carefully selected raw materials and produced in Germany according to the highest standards. They are shaped, milled and finished by hand. The carbon parts are individually made for each customer and can be ordered in a variety of different colors.

The eye-catching TECHART Carbon Wings are available for the Porsche 911 GT3 and fit directly on top of the roof spoiler. The wing profiles and the center-locking TECHART forged wheels are painted to match. The rear spoiler lip is complemented by the TECHART Rear Spoiler III which can be equipped with a choice of three different variants. Its sophisticated design offers timeless, racing-inspired styling, increased downforce in all driving modes and perfectly balanced aerodynamics at all speed ranges.

Inside the car, you can add TECHART door entry guards, interior trims and panels as well as seat backpanels. They are all crafted from carbon to enhance the sporty character of your Porsche and can be combined with Alcantara, leather and motorsport-inspired heritage fabrics. In addition, you can equip your Porsche 911 GT3 with a TECHART roll bar and FIA homologated 6-point racing harnesses for maximum safety on the racetrack.

The TECHART carbon fiber mirrors are a highlight on the Porsche 911 GT3. They replace the standard plastic mirror housings and can be customized in matt or glossy finish as well as dyed in your own color. In addition, you can also opt for a TECHART carbon wing mirror frame with contrasting body color. A TECHART carbon roof spoiler rounds off the sports look of the 911 GT3. It not only provides increased downforce, but also enhances the distinctive roof line of the car. The wing can be optionally painted in the same color as the car, or can be upgraded with the TECHART Carbon Spoiler III.


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