Photo gifts keep your favorite memories close at hand. That’s a good reason to give photo gifts to your family and friends who don’t see you every day. With the right photo images, you can bring smiles to their faces or warm feelings to their hearts. The top 6 photo gift picks have one thing in common: they’re all bound to please.

1. Photo coffee mugs are a good setup for photos.

You can put your photo, the gift recipient’s photo, or a group photo on the mug. The occasion does not matter. Your dad might enjoy a cup of coffee with a picture of his favorite fishing trip on it. Your mom might prefer a picture of her best golf game.

2. Put your photo memories on a necklace for your daughter’s birthday.

You don’t really need to take a picture of it especially for this. Just look through the photos of her for one with a beautiful picture of her happy face. You might also want to put a picture of yourself with her.

3. Give a photo bag as a special gift to your mother.

With many photo gifts, you’re limited in the space you have for the image, which means you’re limited to certain types of images that can be viewed in a small area. Photo bags give you a larger canvas to place your image on, allowing you to choose almost any image. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the photo or how big the area it covers; it will look great.

4. The new driver in your family will appreciate a photo keychain.

Photo keychains can be made with photos of the new driver’s family friends. The keychain is functional and attractive. In fact, the recipient will probably spend the gift before they would have liked to give it up.

5. A photo wallet or money clip is perfect for someone with a new job.

With the photo featured on the photo wallet or money clip, your friend or family member will remember you. You’ll also feel optimistic, with somewhere to put your money as soon as you do.

6. Photo jewelry is always a good choice, for him or her.

Women like photo charm bracelets or earrings. Men prefer photo jewelry, such as nameplate pendants or photo cufflinks. There really is something for everyone, and the images you display on the jewelry can be of you or the person receiving the gift. The important thing to remember is that the gift should bring happy thoughts to the recipient.


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