You’ve always wanted to know what you should do to get your ex boyfriend back, because despite your attempts, you usually receive rejection for an answer. This is the rest of our behavioral Decalogue. Try to follow them and in a few days you will notice a change in attitude, or at least pay a little more attention to you.

1.- Security. This is nothing that most men would prefer to women who are in life for sure, stomping their feet. Determined, strong, capable of making decisions… We don’t tell you to act like Mata Hari, but we suggest that you show your ideal guy that you can live without him. It seems like the guys who detect when a woman is after him all and love to go down as a challenge to conquer your heart.

2.-Elegance. You are a girl and therefore you must behave like one. It’s okay for her to please you by talking about football, sportswear and swearing like a trucker, but if you do that, what you’re going to get is that they only see you as a friend, a buddy with her to take some sticks. If you want to win him over, show your most elegant side.

3.- Fashion. Sex appeal but never too daring because you would scare him off. An acceptable neckline, a skirt with a strategically found opening… But never a see-through dress, because if there is something that men really like, it is imagining what will be under those suggestive clothes you are wearing. It is always better to suggest than show. Also, although they like you to dress as a sexy and provocative woman, if you go down the street like this and the rest of the men look at you, he will get angry.

4.- Compliments. The masculine trait of wanting your girl to tell him how cool and wonderful she is in every way becomes a known excess, and she’s not going to find anyone like him. Although they know it might be a lie, they like it so much (it boosts her ego) that they don’t care. If he opens a can for you, make a comment about how strong he is, if he fixes himself, tell him that he is the most handsome and if he asks you, he is always the best at everything. Even though you know he’s lying, leave him alone, the poor thing is happy like this…

5.- Physics. Our boys don’t always want us to be top models; slim, tall, wonderful… We all have different preferences. One point that they all agree on is that they all hate girls with too much makeup, too much jewelery or too much perfume. We have to understand that it shouldn’t be nice to eat lipstick; end the day with more paint on your shirt than a Van Gogh painting.

6.- Common understanding. If they tell you about their problems at work, they expect you to understand and love them a lot. If you know how to listen to what it tells you, you will have it in the boat in less than you think. If you find what he’s saying boring, put on your best poker face and tell him how great he is. He’ll shut up to hear your flirty comments.

7.- Details. If you think that only you like details, you are wrong. That unusual specimen called a man also recognizes tokens of love. A little thing under the pillow, a funny call and a sexy outfit… That’s how you’ll drive him crazy.

8.- Sensitivity. If you cry at the movies and he can lend you his Kleenex or, failing that, his shirt sleeve, if you really like animals and children, he will feel moved. If you cling to him in scary movies, he’ll feel protective and strong, and he’ll love knowing you need him. Now we’re talking, but he doesn’t need to see that you depend on him or he’ll freak out.

9.- Initiative. When you come up with a plan, however reckless it may be, do not hesitate to offer it to him… It does not always have to be him who takes the first step. Be like that in everything. If you like a guy and he doesn’t make a decision, you make it, subtly. Also, if you want to seduce him, he uses body language to express what you want. If you are faced with an intelligent person, he will immediately understand and go directly to you.

10.- Restriction. You love to talk, but if you talk too much, he’ll think you’re a parrot. You would like to know everything about his ex-girlfriends but if you question him he will feel harassed and he will run away. For this reason, the best advice, especially at the beginning, is to have moderation and put a certain mystery in the relationship. Then, when you have him in the boat, whatever you do will seem divine to him, because if you obey our advice, he will simply WORSHIP YOU.


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